LYNKE - The Story

From the age of 15, Raul Rath tried to create a revolutionary product. But all of the 6 ideas of mobile apps he came up with did not work due to a variety of reasons.

With LYNKE, he and his family couldn't help but feel ecstatic about the idea, and knew it could be something great. So, with pure ambition and hope, they dived right in.

His mother, Saira Rath, father, Prem Rath, sister, Tanya Stephenson, and her husband Justin Stephenson, were incremental in the creation of LYNKE and were a huge inspiration.

The family began to do all the processes normally outsourced, in-house. They became innovators, designers, photographers, videographers, content-creators, writers, and so much more than they thought they could ever be.

The process of creating LYNKE was the most exhausting ever witnessed by them, but in the end, it was the most memorable, rewarding process of all.

Now, they are driven to make sure it reaches its full potential.

With the product being funded completely in-house as well, the entire family believes it could change the world for the better, while allowing the people to save time, save money, save effort, and most importantly, save the environment, which would be beneficial to the entire world.