1. What is a LYNKE?

A LYNKE is a customisable business card / contact card that you can create on the website and use to exchange with others on the LYNKE app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It can be used to store your details, add branding, images, and links to contact you or your organisation.

2. How much does a LYNKE cost?

One LYNKE costs as little as $0.99 on our website for every 6 months.

3. If I don’t use a business card right now, as I don't need one, why do I need a LYNKE?

A LYNKE is not only for business and corporate use, but also for personal use. It is the most convenient way to store and share your information with others. Store your phone number, email, location, social media, and website links, that will stay with your friends and family.
So even if you change your phone number, or email address, the information will be updated for everyone that has your LYNKE, and so you'll never lose touch.

4. Once I create my LYNKE, can I edit it?

Yes, you can edit your LYNKE as much and as frequently as you'd like during the subscription period. Simply go to the “ My LYNKEs” section in your account, and select the LYNKE you would like to edit or update.

5. How do I share my LYNKE on the app?

There are different ways of sharing your LYNKE, depending on the situation.

Nearby users:

i) Share your LYNKE to users nearby by turning on “Surroundings”. Simply tap the LYNKE you want to share and view users near you. Tap the user you would like to share with, and swipe up to send them your LYNKE.
ii) Share your LYNKE in a secure way. Be invisible to other nearby users by turning off “Surroundings”, and simply tap the “Show QR Code” button, revealing your LYNKE’s unique QR Code which can be scanned by the other users by tapping on the top right icon of the home screen.

Distant users:

i) Tap on the LYNKE you would like to share, and tap on “People”. Search for a name, and list of users with that name would show with their image. Tap “Share” to send your LYNKE to the selected user.
ii) Tap on the LYNKE you would like to share, and tap on “Email”. Type in the user’s LYNKE registered email and search. Tap “Share” to send your LYNKE to the selected user.
iii) Tap on the LYNKE you would like to share, and tap on “Phone Number”. Type in the user’s LYNKE registered phone number and search. Tap “Share” to send your LYNKE to the selected user.

6. Where do I store my LYNKEs?

The LYNKEs you accept are stored on LYNKE Cloud. With LYNKE Cloud, your contacts are synced to all your devices, and it doesn't take up extra storage on your device. You can store upto 200 LYNKEs for free.

7. How do I subscribe to LYNKE Cloud, and how much does it cost?

When you first join, you get the base LYNKE Cloud package, which allows you to store upto 200 LYNKEs on LYNKE Cloud for free.
To upgrade your LYNKE Cloud subscription, go to the LYNKE Cloud section in your Individual account, and tap the plan you would like, then continue to confirm and complete the payment.

The three plans are:

i) Base - free and allows storage of upto 200 LYNKEs.
ii) Gold - $2.99 every 3 months and allows storage of upto 500 LYNKEs.
iii) Platinum - $5.99 every 3 months and allows storage of unlimited LYNKEs

8. I have already purchased a LYNKE on the app, what now?

Great, you have saved the time you would have spent entering the billing information into the website ( Now, simply go to the “My LYNKEs” section of the website, and find the blank LYNKE you purchased. Select that to begin creating it.

9. What is the difference between an Individual and Corporate account?

An individual account is an account for each individual person and is used to create, manage, and store your LYNKEs. If you signed up on the app, you would have an individual account.
A corporate account is used by a particular individual or group of an organisation that creates LYNKE templates (business card templates) for their employees, and manages their LYNKEs. This account is used to create a template that is shared with individuals (who would be employees), on their individual account.
If you are an employee, your organisation would create a Corporate LYNKE for you and share it with your registered LYNKE email or phone number. This LYNKE would then be available for use on your individual account.

10. How do I add employees to the Corporate LYNKE Template I have created for our organisation?

Once you have purchased your Corporate LYNKE Template with a particular LYNKE Corporate Package, it gets saved as one of your templates in the “Manage Templates” section of your corporate account. You can choose to edit it to suit your preferences.
To add an employee, click on “New Employee”. The following screen would ask you to choose a template for this new employee. Select the appropriate template, and fill out the form with details of the new employee.
Next, enter the new employee’s LYNKE registered email or phone number, which allows them to use the LYNKE you have created for them.
Then, they have access to your organisation’s LYNKE, however, you have control of it as the manager of your organisation’s Corporate LYNKE account. Therefore, you can edit the LYNKE template or update details of the LYNKE yourself.