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unlimited creativity

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The billions of business cards constantly being produced, destroy
millions of trees every year. This horrifying statistic will continue
to increase with every business card created.

However, with every LYNKE created, we move further towards
a paperless world, making it cleaner, greener and better.
Not just for now but also for our future.

Join the LYNKE movement.
Save our planet.



When you meet new people, do you still share
information the old-school way?

You wait for them to read out their number, ask
them how they spell their name, and usually risk
mistaking some of their details?

Well, those days are gone.

With LYNKE, share accurate information that's
readily available and automatically updated for
others, in a fraction of the time spent otherwise.


Corporate. The name goes hand in hand with business
cards, which have major problems. They:

-destroy the environment

-are easily misplaced

-are inconvenient to carry

-cannot be edited

Also, they aren't digital, so good luck trying to read off the
card to get an email address right.

Switch to LYNKE. Let it solve all these problems at a fraction
of the cost. Through shared templates have your
employees' LYNKEs look identical, and say goodbye to
stacks of business cards.